Playlist Brazinco Spotify Active Winter

50 Músicas para você manter sua atividade favorita no Inverno! O Blog Brazinco preparou mais uma playlist para você jogar a preguiça para longe e manter sua rotina de treinos nas temperaturas mais baixas do ano! Agora coloca seu fone de ouvido e se prepare para uma seleção de sonzeira para ninguém ficar parado.

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Playlist Brazinco Spotify Active Winter

Lista de Músicas – Playlist Brazinco Spotify Active Winter

Origami Angel – Bossa Nova Corps
Face To Face – Wasted Life
NOFX – I Love You More Than I Hate Me
Screeching Weasel – Back of Your Head
Screeching Weasel – She Ain’t Your Baby
Hi-STANDARD – The Gift
Hi-STANDARD – We’re All Grown Up
Hawaiian6 – Bleed
Hawaiian6 – Burn
Bad Cop, Bad Cop – Pursuit of Liberty
Bad Cop, Bad Cop – Simple Girl
The Bombpops – Notre Dame
Frenzal Rhomb – Ray Ahn Is My Spirit Animal
Bodyjar – Reaction
Sharp Shock – Endless Holiday
Pennywise – Live While You Can
Pennywise – Won’t Give Up The Fight
Bad Religion – Emancipation Of The Mind
The Vandals – It’s a Fact
The Real McKenzies – Chip
The Real McKenzies – The Lads Who Fought & Won
Flatfoot 56 – Sorry
Greenland Whalefishers – K Says
The Peelers – Prizefight
The Lillingtons – 72 Hours
The Mr. T Experience – My Stupid Life
Authority Zero – Ollie Ollie Oxen Free
Authority Zero – The Back Nine
Ten Foot Pole – Forever Road
Down By Law – Denim and Leather
Snuff – Drink Freely From the Chalice of Lunacy
Snuff – Conductor 71
Consumed – What Would Cliff Burton Do?
Only Crime – Life Was Fair
The Last Gang – Sing for Your Supper
Masked Intruder – I’m Free (at Last)
NOFX – Fuck Euphemism
Strike Anywhere – Dress the Wounds
A Wilhelm Scream – Boat Builders
The Copyrights – Heart of Glue
Riverdales – The Beginning Of The End
The Manges – Endless Detention
No Fun At All – Runner’s High
Satanic Surfers – The Usurper
Satanic Surfers – Catch My Breath
Satanic Surfers – Sanctuary
Venerea – Going Home
Wisdom In Chains – Need More Time
Cigar – No More Waiting
Get Dead – Fire Sale